Archived Webinars

Recognizing that coaches, parents and athletes may have missed some of our OCC Webinar Series events we have made select archived webinars available to anyone who wants to hear them.

If a coach would like to earn professional development (PD) points for viewing an archived webinar, register below.  The fee for each webinar is $16.95 (taxes included) and the coach will be required to upload a summary of the webinar with payment of the fee.

Please recognize that the opinions expressed by webinar presenters are their own and do not always reflect the views of the Ontario Curling Council.

Archived Webinars

Name of WebinarDescription of WebinarLink to Webinar RecordingLink Payment for PD Credits
Being Part of the Support Team with Andrea RonnebeckThis webinar will provide coaches, parents/guardians, friends and family with information on how to help create a positive competitive experience for athletes. Parents, guardians and other supporters are an integral part of the competitive experience for curling athletes. The Support Team can help athletes have positive and successful outcomes or in the alternative, can hinder progress. The goal of this module is to help the Support Team ensure a safe, healthy and supportive competitive environment.Click HERE for Rock Matching >Click HERE for PD Registration
Rock Matching with Pat SimmonsThis webinar is more applicable to coaches of U15 or U18 teams who wish to teach younger inexperienced athletes the basics of strategy and tactics. Glenn will speak about a general approach rather than a prescriptive one of "if this - do that" thinking.Click HERE for Rock Matching Click HERE for PD Registration
Setup & Delivery Fault Analysis with Glenn PaulleyThis webinar will look at proper fundamentals behind the setup in a flat-foot no-lift delivery. It is appropriate for coaches of athletes in the U15-U21 age range. Additionally, some common delivery faults and probably root causes will be discussed including some analysis tips to help coaches diagnose issues. Click HERE for Setup and Delivery Fault Analysis Click HERE for PD
Intro to Strategy & Tactics with Glenn PaulleyThis webinar is more applicable to coaches of U15 or U18 teams who wish to teach younger inexperienced athletes the basics of strategy and tactics. Glenn will speak about a general approach rather than a prescriptive one of "if this - do that" thinking.Click HERE for Intro to Strategy Click HERE for PD
Strength Training for U15 - U18 Athletes with Stephanie ThompsonThis webinar is for coaches and athletes in the Learn to Train and/or Train to Train stages (U15 - U18). Stephanie will talk about when you should workout, why, what types of exercises, using weights, bands or bodyweight and timing if you play another sport.Click HERE for Strength Training U15 U18 Click HERE for PD
The A's to E's of the Curling Delivery with Maurice WilsonThis webinar takes the Setup & Delivery Fault Analysis webinar further and will focus on the curling delivery as a functional motion. The purpose is to release the rock along the intended line from Points A - E with the proper weight and appropriate rotation. This webinar will touch briefly on some of the points covered by Glenn Paulley in his Setup and Fault Analysis presentation but will focus on where he left off dealing with the Drive Phase/Slide and Arm Extension/Release and Follow through.Click HERE for As to Es of the Curling Delivery Click HERE for PD
Season Planning with Sean TurriffSeason planning isn’t just for elite teams, all competitive teams need to prepare for their season. This webinar will provide a detailed approach for teams to plan out their development. Participants will be led through a comprehensive and detailed approach to planning for the curling season. It will introduce and explain a variety of tools including a Gap Analysis, Individual Athlete Performance Plans, Annual Plan and Goals. In addition, the webinar will explain how these tools all tie together to provide a comprehensive plan for teams. The framework provided is the one that has been required for Next Gen submissions for the last few seasons. Click HERE for Season Planning Click HERE for PD
Fatigue ManagementThe presentation addresses how you and your team make the most of the time, energy and resources available to you between competitions and between event games to ensure you are ready to perform at your best. This includes elements of rehab, rejuvenate, repair, refuel, rehydrate, rest and reheat.

About the Presenter – Karen Watson, BC

Level 4 Certified Curling Coach – since 2016
Curling Canada Health & Doping Control Consultant – since 2005
Curl BC Consultant Coach and Wheelchair Curling Coach – since 2011
Curl BC Coach Development Coordinator (MLF) – since 2006
Learning Facilitator – training curling coaches across BC – since 2005
Coached teams to Provincials, Nationals and Worlds- since 2001
Click HERE for Fatigue Management RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Team DrillsThis webinar is being delivered by Sean Turriff, a Competition Development certified coach and author of Curling: Steps to Success published by Human Kinetics. The topics to be covered are basic team practice planning and team drills. The majority of the webinar will be a description of various team drills covering a variety of skills. Sean will describe how these drills are run, what skills they are meant to develop and ways you can modify them to suit your team’s needs.Click HERE for Team Drills RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Performance ResultsAbout the Webinar: Performance results – U18 vs. U21 – Using the LTAD for curling – Ryan will compare the expected results as predicted in the Learning to Train, Training to Train and Training to Compete stages to help coaches determine best approaches to achieve the optimum performance results for their athletes.

About the Speaker: Ryan Lafraniere

Coach Ryan Lafraniere enters his 5th year at the helm of the Laurentian University Men’s and Women’s Curling Teams. Lafraniere is a NCCP Level III Certified Coach, NCCP Multi-Sport Learning Facilitator, and Master Learning Facilitator/Evaluator for the Northern Ontario Curling Association. Lafraniere additionally served as Director of the Ontario Curling Council and currently serves as one of their High Performance Program members, who also helps nominate athletes for Ontario carding status.

Lafraniere is the Director of the Amethyst Curling Camp in Sudbury, and is an instructor at the Alberta Rocks Curling Camp in Edmonton (Alberta Curling Federation) and the Trillium Curling Camp in Waterloo (Ontario Curling Association). More recently, in his role as a coach evaluator, he has worked with Curling Québec to certify their provincial coaches. He has instructed at a number of high performance curling clinics and coaching symposiums over the years, and has coached bantam, junior and high school curling teams.
Click HERE for Performance Results RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Making the Uncomfortable ComfortableMAKING THE UNCOMFORTABLE – COMFORTABLE!! : running effective practices & advanced practice techniques by Maurice Wilson

This webinar will focus on making your practices effective for your athletes, addressing their needs & growing their learning zones. We will also learn how to include all 4 Pillars of Performance in each practice & the role of effective process goals in the successful accomplishment of this task. The discussion will also include the role of shot tracking & shooting percentages in the development of appropriate drills for your practices. Questions & new ideas are welcome!

About the Speaker: Maurice Wilson

Maurice Wilson has coached for 30 years in various sports from fast-pitch softball at a national level, to basketball, soccer, track & field, cricket and ice hockey at a senior level. He is an NCCP Competition Development certified coach & evaluator for Curling and has coached 16 teams to the provincials and 5 to nationals.

The teams he has coached have won titles at the Bantam provincials in 2001, Juniors in 2003, OUA’s in 2011, 2012, 2014 and CIS nationals in 2011 & 2012. He was the recipient of the Asham Coaching Award in 2003 & 2004 for provincials accomplishments and CIS Coach of the Year in 2011 & 2012. In 2012 the team he was coaching won gold at the Karuizawa International Curling championship in Japan. Maurice is also very active in the curling community as a Provincial High Performance Coach since 2006 and a provincial Learning Facilitator and evaluator since 2005. He is currently involved as a mentor coach for the OCC with 3 Sudbury area teams & loving it!!!
Click HERE for Making Uncomfortable Comfortable RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Are you Coachable?As one of Canada’s most successful curling coaches, Earle Morris shares the secrets to “coachability” and explains why, before a competitive curler can start on the road to winning, they first need to understand the benefits of having a coachable mentality.

Are you “coachable”? Many think so, but some struggle to accept what their coach offers. This webinar offers practical tips on how to help your athletes take feedback, handle criticism, keep an open mind, accept flaws and learn to be a more coachable athlete.

About the Speaker: Earle Morris

Earle Morris has coached teams to winning Canadian championships. Between 2009 and 2015, Earle’s expertise enabled Teams Homan, Jones and Simmons to achieve 3 championships and 3 2nd place finishes
Click HERE for Are you Coachable RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Team DynamicsWhat is more important for success: talent or team cohesion? This webinar will provide an overview of team cohesion and team development using the latest research findings in sport psychology. It will also provide practical recommendations and activities for increasing cohesion on your team.

About the Speaker: Nicole Westlund-Stewart

PhD in Sport Psychology
Qualified for the 2018 Olympic Trials – Mixed Doubles
Champions Cup Grand Slam Participant (2016)
Ontario Scotties Semi-Finalist x3 (2014, 2015, 2016)
Amethyst Instructor x 4 years
Trillium Instructor x 4 years
Trillium Assistant x 2 years
Nicole is a Writing & Multimodal Communication Specialist at University of Waterloo and resides in Kitchener, Ontario.
Click HERE for Team Dynamics RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Strength and Conditioning - What's in your Yearly Training Plan?This webinar will focus on the pre-competition point in the annual plan. We will review the annual plan looking specifically at testing and strength and conditioning. We will discuss the wen and they way of testing, dig into some guidelines for strength training and discuss different types of conditioning.

About the Speaker: Kyle Turcotte

Kyle is a Strength and Conditioning Specialist who worked for Recreation Services at the University of Manitoba where he was responsible for providing strength conditioning services to Bison Sports including the 2007 Vanier Cup winning football team. Kyle also completed a master’s degree in Biomechanics at that time. After a brief time as an instructor in the Faculty of Kinesiology, Kyle joined the staff of the Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba as a strength coach in 2011. Kyle serves as the Strength and Conditioning Specialist/Consultant for Curling Canada’s National Team Program and is a facilitator within Curling Canada’s Competition Development Program
Click HERE for Strength and Conditioning RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
What are you Thinking?NCCP
About the Webinar:

This Webinar will be suitable for both coaches AND athletes.

What you do/think before you step into the hack is as important if not more important to the potential success of a curling shot than what you do after you step into the hack. This webinar will show you to to use mental skills you already have to be more consistent.

About the Speaker: Bill Tschirhart
Chartered professional coach with Coaches of Canada
Mentor coach for all teams at Canadian Junior Curling Championships for the past seven years.
National Senior Team Leader/Coach for past eight years.
Author “A Pane in the Glass:A Coach’s Companion”
Click HERE for What are you Thinking RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Developing your PlaycardThis webinar will focus on “How to develop a Playcard.” A playcard consists of a series of set plays to start ends depending on point in the game and score differential. An effective playcard also takes into account the player abilities, opponent and ice conditions. The result is definitive training plans and a more clear style of play.

About the Speaker: Renee Sonneberg

Renee Sonneberg, is the Assistant Coach for Curling Canada’s National Women’s Team Program. Renee is an accomplished player in Alberta with multiple Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Canadian Junior, Olympic Trials, and Canadian Mixed experience.

At the 2010 Winter Olympics, Sonnenberg coached the Danish national team. Renee will be travelling with Team Canada to the 2018 Winter Olympics supporting Team Homan.
Click HERE for Developing your Playcard RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Understanding Curling’s Coach Development Pathway and Maintenance of Certification - FREE WEBINARThis webinar will provide insight and explanation around Curling’s Coach Development Pathways. The webinar will be suitable to people wanting to get started in coaching at any level and to existing coaches. Coaches who were trained in the “levels” system are encouraged to attend to ensure they are receiving the most up to date information about Maintenance of Certification.

Presenter: Jennifer Ferris

Jennifer Ferris holds two roles in curling – Manager of Programs and Operations for the Ontario Curling Council and NCCP Consultant for Curling Canada. Jennifer is a Certified Master Coach Developer for the country and has been working as a Coach Developer for 22+ years in Ontario. Jennifer works with the Coaching Association of Canada to ensure Curling is meeting the Coach Development Standards required by Sport Canada. She has been the Team Leader for the group of subject matter experts who have transitioned the Levels based program into the current programs being delivered across the country.
Click HERE for Understanding Coach Development RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
In Season Maintenance of ConditioningIn this webinar we will discuss strategies for maintaining fitness levels throughout the busy curling season. This will include a discussion around monitoring and managing fatigue and recovery. Click HERE for In Season Maintenance of Conditioning RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Advanced Curl CoachThis session is intended for coaches who routinely use Curl Coach and wish to explore its advanced features. For coaches new to eCharting, see the session “Introduction to Curl Coach”.

Have you been using Curl Coach for a while and want to get more out of the tool? In this session, Stephen Orr, the developer of Curl Coach will take you through some of the latest additions, little known features and commonly asked questions, followed by an interactive Q&A session where you can ask “how do I?” questions, and ask for features that may be missing today.
Click HERE for Advanced Curl Coach RecordingGet the PD for Advanced Curl Coach - Take the quiz
Latest in BrushingNolan Thiessen discusses (audio only) the Latest in Brushing theories, ideal body position, sweeping/shot management theories.Click HERE for the Latest in Brushing (Audio ONLY)Click HERE for PD Registration

In this presentation we will be looking at what it takes to make a winner? The role of dreams-belief & achievement in this process are examined. What kills dreams- expectations, fear, & risk are the major culprits, but can be controlled by learning to harness & adopt change, aggression, & courage. Preparation is discussed at length in this webinar as well as focus/ concentration/ intensity. The development of talent & skills through practice techniques, teamwork & competition show the right path to success & learning to win. Other topics covered in this session will be the roles of: attention to detail, dealing w/ pressure, smart practice, confidence, multi-tasking, passion, energy & enthusiasm. Goal setting, attitude, responsibility & desire will also be addressed. Learning to win is a difficult concept for many, but once learned not to be forgotten or left behind! Presenter: Maurice Wilson
Click HERE for Learning to Win RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
5 Rock Rule StrategySpeaker: Pat Simmons, two time Brier Champion ( 2014, 2015), 9 time Brier participant, two time Grand Slam champion – Pat Simmons. Pat is now the Director of High Performance for CurlSask.

Learning outcomes from this webinar include:
– Welcome to the 5 rock rule
– Goal for End Sheet & Discussion
– Knowing yourself and your team
– Strategy Thoughts
– Corner Guards
– Defending
– “Wrinkle Shots”
– Scenarios – what the percentages tell us
Click HERE for 5 Rock Rule StrategyClick HERE for PD Registration
Ice and Stones with Don PowellDo you have questions about why ice and stones do what they do? Want to be able to give your athletes the right information about ice and manage changing conditions. We’ve conducted a survey and had a bunch of coaches ask these questions and more of Ontario Curling Council’s Lead Ice Technician Trainer – Don Powell. Don is a Level 4 Certified Ice Technician, during this webinar he’ll provide coaches with a an understanding of ice and stones, and he’ll answer the questions you’ve always wanted to ask.Click HERE for Ice and Stones RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Deliberate Practice with Paul WebsterCoaches will be able to:
Implement an appropriate structured and organized practice plan that focuses on the skills identified as requiring adjustment from game observation and charting

Identify appropriate activities to continue development of the targeted skills in each part of the practice plan

Make interventions that promote learning and adaptation
Click HERE for Deliberate Practice RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Sponsorship with Emma MiskewEmma Miskew as been an integral part of Team Homan since she was 12 years old.
In addition to numerous bantam and junior provincial titles, Emma has a Canada
Games gold medal, won the Canadian Junior championships and has represented
either Team Canada or Team Ontario at the Scotties on a regular basis. Emma has
represented Canada at 3 world women’s championships and Canada at the Olympics
in 2018 in Korea.
In this webinar, Emma will be speaking about how to identify potential sponsors,
how to approach them, successful sponsorship packages and how to cultivate an
ongoing relationship. It will get you thinking about the coming season and how to
increase your opportunities for sponsorship.
Click HERE For Sponsorship RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Dynamics of Coaching Women with Leith DruryMany coaches have experience working with both female and male athletes but may not understand the different approaches that may be helpful when coaching women. This webinar will address the following outcomes:

1. Coaches will understand that there is a difference in coaching females vs. males.
2. Coaches will begin to understand why there is a difference.
3. Coaches will learn what kind of approach or difference in approach works better with female athletes.

Leith Drury, PhD, is a sport psychology consultant for the CIS teams at Ryerson University and a learning facilitator with the Canadian Sport Institute in Ontario. Leith has worked with national and international calibre athletes from a multitude of sports.

Certified Coaches will receive one (1) Professional Development Credit toward their NCCP Maintenance of Certification.
Click HERE for Dynamics of Coaching Women RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Characteristics of a StoneThis webinar will focus on the characteristics, manufacture and maintenance of curling stones. It will be beneficial information to developing an understanding of the individual stones your athlete is throwing.

Kim Tuck is the co-owner of the Canada Curling Stone Co. and has also had significant success as a mixed doubles competitor with her husband, Wayne.
Click HERE for Characteristics of Stones RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Developing Draw WeightThis webinar will focus on a technique that will help athletes develop consistent draw weight sooner. Maurice will present the physical skills that can result in a higher percentage of draw shots being made.

Maurice Wilson has coached for 30 years in various sports from fast-pitch softball at a national level, to basketball, soccer, track & field, cricket and ice hockey at a senior level. He is an NCCP Competition Development certified coach & evaluator for Curling and has coached 16 teams to the provincials and 5 to nationals.
Click HERE for Developing Draw Weight RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Building a Brushing StrategyOver the past four years, I’ve been collaborating with Dr. John Newhook, currently Dean of Engineering at Dalhousie University, in several research projects related to brushing in curling. Between John and I we have measured over 600 athletes, John largely in Atlantic Canada and myself in Ontario. The vast majority of these athletes are competitive players in the U18, U21, and U25 age groups, but we have measured men’s and women’s competitive teams as well, from both Canada and from other countries. As a result, we have amassed a great quantity of normative data for various LTAD levels and are now in a good position to assess athletes quantitatively with respect to brushing performance.

In this talk, which I call “Building a Brushing Strategy”, I will explore the idea of building a brushing strategy for a team. The talk is largely targeted at U18/U21 coaches and athletes. We will look at brushing techniques, normative data, gender differences, energy pathways and fitness, and some additional ideas and tools that coaches can use to improve the brushing performance of their teams.

Glenn Paulley is a consulting coach with the Ontario Curling Council where his specialty is brushing. A coach for the past 16 seasons, in 2016 he coached the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks varsity men to a national CIS championship. Currently he is the coach of Team Mackenzie Kiemele, a U21 women’s team that plays on the OJCT. Glenn holds a B.Sc (First Class Honours) and an M.Sc, both in Computer Science, from the University of Manitoba, and holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo.
Link to Building a Brushing Strategy WebinarTake the Quiz, Get the PD for Building a Brushing Strategy
5 Rock Rule - Questions and Answers with Pat SimmonsThis webinar features Pat Simmons and strategy and tactics for the 5 Rock Rule. Pat has had 9 Brier appearances, 2 world championship experiences and won 2 Grand Slams. Pat brings a wealth of knowledge about strategy and tactics in general and has experience with the 5 rock rule. Pat is now the Director of High Performance with Curl Saskatchewan.

The 5 rock rule has been in place now for a season and Pat will be facilitating this webinar through questions, answers and open discussion. Pat will explore with you some of the challenges faced by your team this past season and is prepared to discuss what strategy and tactics may work best for teams at different stages of development.
Click HERE for 5 Rock Q and A with Pat SimmonsClick HERE for PD Registration
Emotional IntelligenceThis webinar will discuss the importance and value of Emotional Intelligence and how it is applied to Coaching Leadership. The webinar will address how vision statements and coaching philosophies are connected to emotionally Intelligent coaching leadership. There will be tips on enhancing your emotional intelligence.

Leith Drury, PhD, is a sport psychology consultant for the CIS teams at Ryerson University and a learning facilitator with the Canadian Sport Institute in Ontario. Leith has worked with national and international calibre athletes from a multitude of sports.
Click HERE for Emotional Intelligence RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Changing Team Members - Mick LizmoreThis webinar will focus on Key considerations when making a team change and will be discussed and explored using a case-example approach. Perspective from both choosing to leave a team and when there isn't a choice will be explored. Mick Lizmore is a National Performance consultant for Curling Canada, and former high performance curling athlete. Mick completed a Master’s and PhD specializing in Sport Psychology at the University of AlbertaClick HERE for Changing Team Members RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Step by Step Gap AnalysisPart of season planning should include a debrief of the season that has just ended. This allows the coach and team to identify what worked, what needs work and what the immediate focus can be. A critical part of the debrief could be a GAP analysis. Elaine Dagg-Jackson, National Coach and Team Leader to Canada's women's teams and world championships and Olympics will take participants through the process of analyzing where the teams strengths and weaknesses are in order to develop a plan for the next seasonClick HERE for Gap Analysis RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Pre-Season Strength and ConditioningPre-season Physical Strength and Conditioning Training for Competitive Curlers with Stephanie Thompson, Registered Kinesiologist and competitive curler. This session is for competitive curlers who want structured resistance and cardio training and who want to create a specific pre/off-season program.Click HERE for Pre-Season Strength and Conditioning RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Make the Most of Social MediaThis webinar will focus on social media and how to make it work for you and your team. It is also pertinent to curling clubs. The session will help identify the different platforms, how to reach a particular audience, how to control your "brand" and some best practices.

Danielle Inglis is the manager of social media for Curling Canada and is also an athlete who has competed at 8 national championship and has most recently won the 2019 World Mixed Championships. Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge on this topic.
Click HERE for Making the Most of Social Media RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Team Meeting DevelopmentThis webinar will help coaches develop agendas and formats for team meetings. Pre-competition, post-competition, pre-game, time-outs, post-game and 4th/5th end breaks meetings will be discussed. What does the team need to accomplish with the meetings and what is the best format for your team? The webinar will be facilitated by Andrea Ronnebeck, Level 4 Charter Professional Coach who brings her experience as a team leader from several junior world championships and as a coach at 5 Scotties Tournament of Hearts.Click Here for Team Meeting RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Team Commitment BuildingThis webinar was facilitated by Sherry Middaugh, 6 time Scotties Tournament of Hearts Competitor (4 time Bronze medalist), 4 time Olympic Trials participant (runner-up in 2013), 2 times Ontario Senior Women's Champion and 2 times TSN/JVC Women's Skins Champion. Sherry will share tips and activities that can enhance team longevity, improve team dynamics and build team commitment. Sherry will speak about working through challenges, building in fun and engendering a true "team" environment.Click Here for Team Commitment Building RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Overcoming AdversityThe path to the podium isn’t linear. In this webinar, Lisa Weagle will talk about obstacles she has encountered during her curling career and how she has been able to learn from failure. She will share how she uses challenges to springboard to success and provide key takeaways and strategies for overcoming adversity. Click Here for Overcoming Adversity RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Brushing Effectiveness - Jill OfficerJill Officer, Olympic Gold Medalist, 6 time Canadian Champion, 2 time world curling champion and long-time second for Jennifer Jones will be speaking about brushing. Jill will cover topics such as physical positioning, bio-mechanics, strength, training as well as the current science and theories that team are testing with regard to what appears to be working. As well, Jill will speak to the difference between brushing between men’s teams and women’s teams.Link to Brushing Effectiveness RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Training in the Absence of Competition - Rick Lang / Krista McCarvilleRick Lang and Krista McCarville from Thunder Bay will be leading this webinar. Krista is an accomplished competitive curler, having medaled at the STOH twice. Krista has also won both Ontario and Northern Ontario Provincial championships a total of 8 times. Rick is a retired competitive curler and Canadian Men's Team Leader. Rick won 2 world championships as a player and has attended countless world championships with the Canadian Men's Champions. Krista and her team, including coach Rick, are in a unique situation residing in Northern Ontario. Their team is split between Thunder Bay and Sudbury and geography is a factor in both their competition and practice schedules. Rick and Krista will speak about how they have achieved success even though they enter fewer competitions than other high performance teams in Canada.Link to Training RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Preparing to PlayCathy Gautier is a former elite athlete, a coach and now a broadcaster for TSN. Cathy has been to 6 Scotties and 3 World Women's Championships. Most recently, Cathy and her senior team won the World Women's Senior Championships in 2014 in Sochi, Russia. Cathy, both as an athlete and coach, brings her experience in the sport but brings added depth to this webinar as an observer of countless games at the National level. How teams and individuals adapt to their positions; how roles and responsibilities are decided; what those roles and responsibilities might be at both junior and adult levels and problem solving if issues arise.Click HERE for RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Grit and ResilienceIn a year that has proven to be very challenging amidst this global pandemic, the time is now to step up to the plate as true athletes! This is a chance to prove to yourselves, teammates, coaches, family and friends that you have what it takes to return stronger than ever! Topics to be discussed include: dimensions of wellness (physical, mental, social); building resiliency; mental stamina; developing a growth mindset; reaching full potential; and purpose and passion. Kristen Streifel is a Mental Health Educator with the RCMP, athletic therapist and competitive curler most recently playing third with Team Silvernagle. Kristen has a BSC in Kinesiology, a certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership and is a personal trainer with the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology and an Advanced Adventure Medic.Grit and Resilience LinkClick HERE for PD Registration
Fueling CompetitionMelissa Kazan, MSc, Registered Dietitian and Sport Dietitian will speak about pre-competition preparation and nutrition, fueling during games, recovery and hydration. Melissa will discuss sticking to a routine, carrying snacks wherever you go, using pre-workout and recovery nutrition during competition, monitoring hydration and staying with familiar comfortable foods and fluids - in other words have a plan in advance!Click HERE for Competition Fueling RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Effective Season DebriefThis webinar will focus on how to review and debrief the past season with a team. What are the team's needs for the next season. Identifying gaps, needs and how to address them will be discussed. How does one establish priorities - what can be accomplished in the short term and what can wait? Paul Webster is a ChPC and Level 4 certified has coached at Olympic and International Competitions with Team Canada since 2006. He is a National Development Coach at the National Training Centre in Calgary since 2005 and is a high performance coach for AlbertaClick HERE for Season Debrief RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Finding Balance in Life School and CurlingBeing an athlete and a student can feel like having two full time jobs. This webinar will explore how to effectively balance curling with school, work, or life in general. There will also be a roundtable discussion with current student-athletes about the challenges they’ve faced and strategies they’ve found helpful along the way. Nicole Westlund-Stewart, PhD, is a mental performance consultant and certified Competition Development Coach. Nicole has experience as high performance athlete while attending University. Nicole along with panelists, Bella Croisier, Piper Croisier, Tanner Horgan and Zack Shurtleff will discuss their experiences as highly successful and competitive athletes while attending schoolClick HERE for Finding Balance RecordingClick HERE for PD Registration
Stress and Burnout in Coaching - A Conversation Kyle and Elaine will lead a conversation with coaches about stress and burnout that can be experienced by coaches. Where does the stress come from? What are the symptoms of burnout? What are some possible coping strategies? This is an opportunity for you to speak with two top experts – Kyle as a Mental Performance Consultant and Elaine Dagg-Jackson, National Team Coach.

Kyle Paquette is a professional Mental Performance Consultant (MPC) working with several National Sport Federations and professional sport teams. He holds a Doctoral Degree in Human Kinetics with a specialization in sport psychology and coach education. Kyle has had the privilege of supporting Canadian athletes at five Olympic/Paralympic Games, including numerous Olympic/Paralympic and World Champions.

Elaine Dagg-Jackson is National Coach and Team Leader to Canada’s women’s teams at world championships and Olympics.
Click HERE for Stress and Burnout Recording Click HERE for PD Registration
In Season Fitness on the Curling Ice Stephanie will speak about developing practices with a fitness/movement component that will help athletes enhance their fitness levels during the season. The session will include ideas for effective and targeted warm-ups and cool-downs. Maintaining fitness during the season and avoiding burnout is a delicate dance.

Stephanie Thompson, R.Kin is a strength coach, curling coach and movement therapist who works with curlers worldwide helping them to train and compete with less pain and improved performance.
Click HERE for In Season Fitness Recording Click HERE for PD Registration
Gauntlet Drill In this webinar, Glenn Paulley shows example videos he's taken, gives advice for correcting delivery faults, and even discusses the pros/cons of different types of lasers!

Glenn is a certified Competition Development Coach who has been coaching since 2003. Glenn is also a high performance consultant with the Ontario Curling Council and for Curling Canada's Junior NextGen development program. Prior to his retirement in January 2021, Glenn was a development expert at SAP Canada.
Click HERE for Gauntlet Drill Recording Click HERE for PD Registration
Perspective in a Digital World with Matt BrownThis webinar will focus on the digital world both its benefits and drawbacks. We are emerging from a time of isolation where access to the digital world may have been an escape from the isolation brought by the pandemic. Matt Brown will be speaking about some of the problems, traps, tools, and distractions that are built into the internet. Time on the internet can be tiring and pull us away from our goals. Information will be provided on what can be done about it by creating good habits, setting reasonable goals, limiting distractions and disconnecting. All this will help focus on your goals, identify resources and measure progress.

Matt Brown is a CPA and Manager of Financial Reporting at Atlas Growers. Matt is also a former Provincial and National College Curling Champion with NAIT. During his competitive career, Matt was ranked in the top 100 on the WCT. Matt has finished an ultra marathon and spends much of his spare time now rock climbing.
Click HERE for Perspective in a Digital World Recording Click HERE for PD Registration
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