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Did you know that curling is a sport which can be enjoyed by all Ontarians? Want to get out of the house in the winter? Want to play for fun, exercise, simply to socialize? Or maybe you want to challenge yourself and play competitively – there is a game, league, or bonspiel for you! Maybe you’re looking for an alternative winter team sport for your kids to get involved in or want to find a new activity for you and your spouse or friends? Are you a fan of the game looking to watch some live curling events in Ontario? Maybe you want to volunteer at a club or an event in your community?

Discover the sport that over 1.4 million Canadians enjoy playing each year! Curling is a sport where all members of the community are welcome, regardless of age, gender, ability, race, creed or religion – there are nearly 240 curling facilities in urban, rural and suburban Ontario ready to help you get involved today!

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Find a Curling Facility Near You

The province of Ontario is home to approximately 240 member curling facilities who belong to either the Ontario Curling Association (CurlON) or the Northern Ontario Curling Association (NOCA).  All member facilities along with their individual members, are also members of the Ontario Curling Council.

Use the interactive map at right to find a facility near you. Zoom in as necessary to expand the map and create a more detailed view. The name and address of each facility will be shown by clicking on its pin. Details regarding each facility, such as its address, website, contact email, and the number of sheets of ice will be displayed in the left side bar. 

Both the Northern Ontario Curling Association and the Ontario Curling Association (CurlON) divide their curling clubs by geography for organizational and competition purposes. The map below illustrates the different zones and regions for curling facilities within each Association.

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