Funding for Coaches

Quest for Gold Coach Apprenticeship Program

The Quest for Gold Coach Apprenticeship program provides financial support for training and development of coaches through Apprentice/Mentor Partnerships. The goal is to develop more coaches to work with high performance athletes in Ontario.

This Apprenticeship Program is a partnership (one on one) consisting of a Mentor coach with an Apprentice coach for one year or season. The aim of this program is to develop more coaches in the various Ontario sport organizations to work with high performance athletes.

  1. Funds: $2,000 per apprentice program
  2. Apprenticeship Structure Ratio: 1 Apprentice:1 Mentor
  3. Time Period: One year or competitive season; applications will be accepted by the CAO on a continuous basis to accommodate winter and summer seasons.
  4. Who is Eligible: A coach is only eligible for this program once in their lifetime. Apprentices must be a minimum of Competition-Introduction, Instruction-Beginners trained or level 2 certified. They must also be an Ontario resident in good standing with their PSO. Mentor/Master coaches have no restrictions.

The Ontario Curling Council accepts applications for nominations annually.

Quest for Gold Coach Bursary Program

Quest for Gold – Coach Bursaries are available from the Coaches Association of Ontario for coaches who are training and certifying within the “Competition Stream”. Both training and evaluation fees are eligible expenses. Under this program, coaches receive reimbursement for up to 60-70% of NCCP course fees, but funds are applicable only for eligible in-person workshops (and evaluations). Details and program application details can be found at the Coaches Association of Ontario website.

Changing the Game

Changing the Game is a mentorship program for new female coaches in Ontario. The program is open to existing coaches or coaches-to-be of every sport, every age, and every experience level. Using a professionally designed mentorship model, the Changing the Game program has already engaged over 400 apprentice coaches with support of 150+ experienced sport coaching mentors.

Even better, the program is completely free.

This Mentorship Program is for Women who want to become a Coach for the first time and be supported with Mentorship and Development, an existing Coach looking for Mentorship and Development, or an experienced coach looking to give back as a mentor (Both Male and Female Coaches accepted as Mentors). Participants receive:

  • Access to a personal mentor sport coach with a specific area of expertise and wealth of experience
  • Professional development events
  • Funding for 1 on 1 expert consulting
  • An online community of coaches
  • Online resource hub

Purpose of the Program

  • Provide a mentorship model for female coaches in Ontario – within and across sports
  • Provide a resource hub for apprentice coaches to build and enhance their skills, abilities and knowledge
  • Provide female coaches from a variety of sports with an opportunity to learn from highly trained coaches and experts across the province
  • Create a broader pool of coaches with qualifications and tools that meet the requirements for participating in coaching, from grassroots to competition development
  • Engage the system through PSO’s, education sector partnerships and community groups province-wide to cultivate an environment for balanced leadership
  • Build lasting supportive relationships between and among coaches to create a legacy program that is sustainable


  • WHO: Women who want to become a Coach for the first time, OR an existing Coach looking to grow further as a coach and leader
  • WHY: Training, support, connections, enhancement


  • WHO: Experienced coaches who want to get involved in supporting female apprentices in their coach and leadership development (Both Male and Female Coaches accepted as Mentors)
  • WHY: You will leave a legacy in your sport, receive support, tools, resources, mentorship training, and professional development

Mentors' Express Program

Coach competency is an integral aspect of Ontario’s community sport programs. Coaches have the unique capacity to inspire, drive and influence athletes, impacting their pathways to excellence and overall sport experience. The Mentors Express Program, offered by the Coaches Association of Ontario, aims to enhance a Coach’s ability to apply various concepts from the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) by providing direct access to experts in five essential fields:

  • Sport Psychology
  • Nutrition
  • Leadership & Management
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Para Sport

Through dedicated training, in either individual or group settings, the Mentors Express program generates a connection between club coach and expert that may not otherwise be possible. This provides coaches with the opportunity to better support athlete development, expand on their existing coaching knowledge, and improve their overall coaching program.

This is an annual program run by the Coaches Association of Ontario – released in June/July each year.

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