Youth Development Programs

Resources for youth programs

Curling Canada, along with contributions from its member associations, has made significant progress in developing and streamlining Youth Curling Programs since 2015.  Each program is aligned clearly with a modernized Long-term Curler Development Framework, and is purposeful in its intent – to develop physical literacy and fundamental movement skills, to engage curlers through fun and challenging activities and to provide opportunities to any curler who wishes to pursue curling competitively.  Details about the Long-term Curler Development Framework and how to implement it within programming can be found within Curling Canada’s Long-term Curler Development Guide.

A summary of all the programs can be found here.

Existing youth programs

The following programs are available for clubs to implement now:

Future program offerings

While many programs are completed, clubs, coaches and athletes can look forward to some more programs and resources in the coming season or two including:

  • A fun and engaging Skill Awards/Badge Program
  • An updated Little Rocks Program
  • An interactive Youth Curling Website from Curling Canada with information for curlers, coaches and parents
  • The Youth Feeder System means Participation, Performance and Retention is by design, with our goal of curling becoming the winter sport of choice for all Canadian children!
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