Curling Ice Technician

Curling Ice Technician

Program Delivered by: Ontario Curling Council
Program Cost:
  • $350.00 + HST for Theoretical Installation Workshop (Option A)
  • $500.00 + HST for Practical Installation Workshop (Option B)
Prerequisites: One of the following five options:
  1. “Trained” Assistant Curling Ice Technician Program OR;
  2. World Curling Federation – Introduction to Ice Maintenance (Online) OR;
  3. 12 Months working at a Curling facility under the supervision of a Certified Curling Ice Technician. OR;
  4. Former Level 1 Ice Technician Course OR;
  5. Former Facility Operator Assistant Course (Ontario)
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Program Length: Varies depending on delivery option and state of facility at time of course (i.e. mid installation, in-season):
  • Option A: 2.5 days in person (e.g. Friday evening, Saturday, Sunday) – Theoretical discussion about installation - usually due to time of year and/or status of ice at host facilities.
  • Option B: 3-4 days in person – Practical (i.e. hands on/actual) installation – length of course will be dependent on the status of the centre’s installation.
Status at the End of the Workshop "Trained" Curling Ice Technician
Evaluation: Online quiz, Online Safe Sport Training, In-person/Video Evaluation of Skills
Status after completion of Evaluation Requirements "Certified" Curling Ice Technician
Who should attend: Individuals who are new to the industry who are looking for a career in ice making and need to learn the skills of installing, maintaining and removing ice in a dedicated curling facility for league and bonspiel play. These individuals may need to supervise Assistant Curling Ice Technicians as well.
Learning outcomes: Participants of the Curling Ice Technician workshop can expect to learn about:
  • What makes “good ice”
  • Curling Centre Safety
  • Refrigeration plant operation and safety
  • Water quality
  • Floors and drainage
  • Installation and removal
  • Pebbling & Scraping
  • Paint/logo techniques
  • Stone maintenance
  • Managing environmental conditions
  • Daily Maintenance

Curling Ice Technician Workshops

DateLocationCourseRegisterRegistration Closes
July 1 - 4, 2024North Bay Granite Curling Club, North Bay, ON
Note - Reasonably priced accommodation is available
Curling Ice Technician Practical InstallationClick HERE to RegisterJune 24, 2024 - 9:00 a.m.
September 10 - 13, 2024Collingwood Curling ClubCurling Ice Technician Practical InstallationClick HERE to RegisterSeptember 2, 2023 - 9:00 a.m.

Curling Ice Technician Evaluation

When the Ice Technician is ready to have their skills evaluated for certification, they will need to register and pay the $50 registration fee.  Please refer to the Curling Ice Technician Evaluation form for the evidence that is required to be observed by the evaluator.

The evaluation may be done in-person with an evaluator present, or via video. The Ice Technician candidate will be contacted to determine the best way for the evaluation to be conducted.

Video Protocol:

  • The video may be submitted in segments capturing each evidence in the Curling Ice Technician Evaluation form.
  • Ensure the camera is stable and steady.
  • Try to ensure there is adequate lighting.
  • In addition to videoing each evidence, video scraping up and back 1 sheet of ice and pebbling one way.

Send the video by email, via Dropbox, or  Information about where to send the video is in the registration form.

Please contact Andrea Ronnebeck with any questions:

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