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Free Agent Listing Service

The Ontario Curling Council is offering a Free Agents Listing Service for individual athletes, teams, or coaches to help get connected.

All listings for athletes age 18 or younger must be made by their legal guardian with only the contact information of the guardian being posted.

The OCC will simply post the information provided on the Free Agents Listing forms and will not be involved any further.

All listings will remain posted until you contact Jennifer Ferris ( or Laura Forget ( to remove the listing.  Otherwise, all postings will be removed at the end of the next full curling season.

Click on the buttons below for the appropriate form to add a listing. The OCC will update the postings weekly.

Player Free Agents

Free Agent NameAge (at time of listing)Birthdate (MM/YY)GenderHometownNumber of Years CurledPreferred PositionLooking to play recreationally or competitivelyWilling to travel to practices or competitions?Competition Age/Division LevelGeneral CommentsContact PersonContact Person RelationshipContact Person emailContact Person Phone Number
Victor Kniat 1809/04MaleToronto18SecondCompetitiveYesU21TMU mcurl leadVictor Alexander Kniatvickniat@gmail.com6475714327
Erin McLean2212/00FemaleSault Ste. Marie22LeadCompetitiveYesWomens I am 22 now, whatever age I am eligible to play in next season is good. I have a December birthdayerinemclean@gmail.com705-975-5903
Emily Rest1809/04FemaleOttawa9Skip, ViceCompetitiveYesU21"I am looking to join or form a u21 team for the 2023-2024 season. I prefer back end, but I am open to any position. I am from Ottawa, and I am open to traveling for competitions and practices, if the team is not located near me.

I qualified for the Ontario Winter Games in the 21-22 season, which was canceled due to covid. I also placed 5th in the CurlOn u18 Provincial Championships, and 3rd at the Ontario Winter Games.

I will be looking to compete in u21 slam events, u21 Provincial Championships, and possibly some u25 events. "
Emily Restemily.rest02@gmail.com613-220-1281
Evan Gandin1711/05MaleMississauga12AnyCompetitiveYesU18/U21Mark GandinFathermark@teammatcha.com6474606558
Jason Sone1307/09MaleToronto3Skip, Vice, SecondCompetitiveMaybeU18Skipped his school team to undefeated season, Skip/Vice U15 Bonspiels out of Tam Heather.
Dedicated and wanting to be part of a competitive team.
Eryn SoneFatheresone@hotmail.com416-333-7663
Joseph Trieu3401/89MaleToronto18Third, Second, LeadCompetitiveYesMen's, Mixed, Mixed DoublesI played second on the men's tour in Alberta. I recently moved to Toronto, and I'm looking for a competitive team to
Alyssa Mayville 1703/05FemaleInnisfil6Vice, SecondCompetitive YesU20/U21I have been playing U18 Competitively for the past 4 years and have skipped Team Mayville to the finals for both U18 Provincial Qualifiers and U18 Ontario Winter Games Trials for the Last Chance Qualifier. I am looking to find a new competitive U20/21 team within Ontario (OCA-OCC) for the upcoming 2023-2024 season and beyond where I can help progress their results and make it to the Provincials - Winter Games and beyond. Willing to travel and play any role required that will help the team. Preferred positions are Vice and or Second if possible.
I am dedicated, work very hard, on and off the ice and will do what ever it takes to promote and progress the team I play with. I want the same from all players and families with the new team I will be playing with. What is important to me is full commitment from all and great people to play. Looking forward to a new opportunity to grow and be successful with a new group of teammates.
Owen MayvilleFatherowen.mayville30@gmail.com9058060882
Logan Malette18 08/04MaleHaliburton8ViceCompetitiveMaybeU20I've played competitive for a few years. I'm looking for a new team to join.loganmalette04@gmail.com7058750248
Clara Lawson 1412/08FemaleHamilton ON6Will play any positionCompetitiveYesU18Clara is looking to join a team (any position) to start competitive curling. She has played all positions during her practices and bonspiels. She is a junior curler at Glanford curling club and Burlington curling club. Veronica Lawson
Brayden Kinnear1508/07MaleBarrie 10Second, ViceCompetitiveYes U18Brayden is looking to play on a competitive U18 team. He has experience playing as Skip and is looking to join a team in a second or vice roll. Brayden has participated in many recreational Bonspeils over the years and is looking forward to taking the game to the next level.Jason KinnearFatherjkinnear.mail@gmail.com705-816-5538
Brayden Farr1512/07MaleLindsay3AnyCompetitive YesAnyShawn FarrFathersfarr21@hotmail.com7053284617
Meghan Pouget1603/06FemaleHarrow4 CompetitiveFront endCompetitiveYesU18 or U21I’ve been on 2 competitive teams the past 4 years and have had many great accomplishments. I practice 2 nights a week in league nights at my local club. I’m a strong sweeper and love to learn ways to improve my skills. I love the game of curling and didn’t realize how much i need it in my life until taking a year off from competitive.Juston
Jessica Guilbault2208/00FemaleOttawa10Vice or leadCompetitiveYesWomensAs a skip...
2018 Qualified Ontario Winter Games
2018 Qualified Mixed Provincials
2018 Qualified for Canada Winter Games Trials
2018 TCA finalist
Brock University JV team 2018-2019
Jenna Declercq1807/04FemaleSt. Catharines13Lead or ViceCompetitiveYesU20Currently attending Brock University, played this past season of U18 on Team Ideson as vice.Jennadeclercq@icloud.com5198515882
Duncan McDonald1802/05MaleGrimsby13Front endCompetitiveYesU20Looking for a competitive u20 team to play oca events and provincials.Duncanm020205@gmail.com2894552491
Mya Wu1404/08FemaleSimcoe10Vice/SecondCompetitiveYesU18Jennifer WuMotherjmsnook2003@yahoo.com2264000405
Cameron Beck1508/07MaleOttawa7Second/ViceCompetitiveYesU18Jennifer BeckMotherJenniferkbeck@gmail.com613-841-5854
Jessica Byers2010/02FemaleToronto11SecondCompetitiveYesWomen'sI am currently seeking a Competitive Women's Curling Team for the 2023/2024 season. I've been on the Ontario competitive tour for many years with many successes, most recently competing at the 2023 CCAA Curling Nationals, earning 1st-Team All-Star honours. I am a very dedicated athlete who wants to continue in the competitive tour at a high level as I age out of U-20, with long term goals to continue competing professionally. I have experience playing all positions with most experience at the 2nd position, but am flexible to anything. I am a very dedicated, adaptable, and athletic individual. I will be entering my fourth year at Humber College in Toronto. I am open to any connections or teams with the same goals in mind.
Feel free to reach me at:
(705) 457-6767
Instagram @_jessicabyers 457-6767
Brayden Appleby 1801/05MaleBrantford12Front end CompetitiveYesU20I took a season off after winning bronze at the u18 nationals. I am looking to get back into competitive with a u20 team for oca events and 938-1783
C. Brodie Johnston1406/08MalePort Hope7Second/vice/skipCompetitiveYes18ULisa CollinsMotherl_collins88@outlook.com437-771-1191
Nathan Baroni1704/05MaleToronto/Kingston 8Lead, Second, ViceCompetitiveYesU20Played for team Hastings/Rowley for 5 years as seond and vice. I aged out of U18 so I'm looking for a competitive team to play U20 with.Vicki JonesMothernathanabaroni@gmail.com647-984-1640
Rhiannon Beckstead 1904/04FemaleIroquois 11Any position CompetitiveMaybeu20/u21/u25I have been curling for 11 years but only competitively for 7. I have been in the junior slam series and been in many competitive events including winning the Ontario Winter games qualifier in the 21/22 season. It was cancelled due to covid. I have been on a women’s team this past season to get more experience against higher level of play. I will be attending brock university next year but I still hope to be on a team outside of school. 6135771915
Ryan Mayville2010/02MaleBarrie8Back End (Will play anything)CompetitiveYesU20/21"Im looking to play on a competitive u20/21 team for the 2023-2024 curling season, with the ultimate goal of competing to go to provincials and nationals. Played for eight years, six of which were competitive. Took a break for the 2021-2023 seasons, but am looking to play once again.

Skipped my high school team to OFSAA in 2020, and to mixed provincials in 2020. Currently playing vice for York University Curling team. I'm willing to play any position, but prefers backend.

Hoping to work with a team where I am able to assist both on and off the ice, and enjoy playing while doing so."
ryan_mayville@hotmail.com705 816 5151
Paige Ferguson1802/05FemaleAurora12Vice but will play anyCompetitiveYesU20This past season I played vice in the OCC Academy team where we had a successful season, including winning silver at owg. Looking for a u20 team to play in oca events and provincials.
Emma Buhrow1808/04FemaleWaterloo7 (3 competitive) (this would be my first full season playing doubles)I’ve played lead, but for mixed doubles I’ve thrown first and lastCompetitiveYesU20 mixed doublesI’ve competed in U18 women’s provincials, Ontario winter games, and other slam events including one mixed doubles event where we made it to the
Hailey Brittain1801/05FemaleToronto11Any PositionCompetitiveYesU20I have had a lot of success with 2 teams over the past 5 years, in slams and qualifying for U18 provincials and Ontario Winter games, winning a silver medal in 2023. I will be attending post secondary school in the GTA and I am looking for a U20 team to compete with in the 2023/2024
Marin Graham1403/09FemaleOttawa5
AnyCompetitiveYesU15 or U18Marin is looking for a team out of Ottawa.Cristin GrahamMotherCristingraham@gmail.com613 899-3984
Abby Johnston1602/07FemaleMeaford9Second or viceCompetitiveYesU18Johnstonabby07@gmail.com2266681707
Kole O'Connor1710/05MaleOrillia2Vice (third)CompetitiveYes
U18I may not have a lot of experience but I am a very disciplined individual that is willing to do whatever it takes. I currently have a technique coach, personal trainer and I'm a Rocks & Rings Instructor. Curling is all I do and I'm looking for the opportunity to prove myself.Scott O'Connorkole3850.oumc@gmail.com7059552732
Jacob Millward1703/06MaleAjax9Second, ViceCompetitiveYesU18, U21, or Mixed doublesMy name is Jacob I am 17 and have been curling for 9 years now. This is my second competitive season and I am looking to join a U18 or U21 team. I played mixed doubles for many years before playing competitive. I came second place in the U18 Junior cup last year and attended the trillium camp. My goals are to play in multiple tournaments and hopefully make it to a provincial or national event.Dena MillwardMotherdenalmillward@gmail.com416 318 1543
Abby Johnston1602/07FemaleMeaford10Second\
Nathan Thomas1611/06MaleWiarton6AnyCompetitiveYesu18/u20Rob ThomasFatherrowbert07@gmail.com519-534-0502
Holley Stuart1512/07FemaleChatham4AnyRecreationalMaybeU18Lefty, Willing to play any position, Completed 2023 Trillium CampBrandon StuartMombrandonstuart00@gmail.com548.886.7504
Alisa Ali2603/97FemaleKeswick1Lead or a
Jayson Sone1407/09MaleToronto4AnyCompetitiveYesU15/U18Jayson is looking to be part of a competitive team.Eryn SoneFatheresone@hotmail.com4163337663
Karleigh McNaughton 1703/06FemaleNew Liskeard11AnyCompetitiveMaybeU18, U20Looking to play on a U18 or U21 NOCA women’s competitive team, can play any position.Currently have one other player interested.RICHARD MCNAUGHTONFathermcnaughtonri64@gmail.com7056224040
Ashley Krysa1305/10FemaleWaterdown5ViceCompetitiveYesU15Ashley has been a rec curler for many years and wants to step into the next level of competitive and enter the Junior Slam Series. We play out of Burlington Curling Club and she prefers to join an all-girls team. She really doesn't care what position she plays.Tania KrysaMomtaniakrysa@gmail.com905-808-5931

Teams seeking players or a coach

Contact Person for TeamOur team is seeking (Lead, Second, Third, Skip, Coach)We are looking for a (M/F)Competition Competition Age/DisciplineCompetitive/Recreational?Describe what your team is looking for?Email of Team Contact PersonPhone Number of Team Contact Person
Ryan MayvilleLead, Second, Vice, Skip, CoachMaleU20/U21CompetitiveRyan Mayville and Krystofer Tizzard are looking for 2 players to form a team with for the upcoming 2023-2024 curling season. Both of us have curled together competitively from 2018-2021 in u18, and took a break for two years due to COVID, but are looking to play once again.
Together both of us made it to u18 mixed provincials, as well as to OFSAA in 2020, but unfortunately, both were cancelled due to COVID. Traditionally, both of us had worked together as Skip and Vice, but we are both willing to play any position needed by the team. Our goal is to help the team as much as possible to achieve our goals.
We curl out of the Stroud Curling Club and would be willing to travel for practices and events. Our main focus would be attempting to make it to U21 provincials and hopefully nationals, and we're hoping to enter into a couple of slam events or bonspiels. Hope to hear from some people!
Katelin LangfordLeadFemaleU21CompetitiveTeam Langford is looking for a full time lead. We need someone that is willing to commit to practices, and to the travel. We will be competing in slams, as well as all the trillium events, to qualify for U21 provincials. We will also be looking at other events like the Scottie's open qualifiers. We are a dedicated, hard working team, and require the same from anyone wanting to join the 872 6196
Matthew RowleyLead, Second, Vice, Skip, CoachMaleU20CompetitiveTeam Hastings is looking for a strong player to join us for OCA events (trillium and provincials) as well as a few other events for the upcoming 23-24 season. We are based in the GTA but as long as you are willing to travel for competitions we do not mind where you live. We are hardworking with the goal of reaching nationals and looking for someone with similar ideals in
Paige FergusonCoachFemaleU20CompetitiveTeam Parkinson is looking for a competitive coach for the 2023-2024 season, available for weekly/biweekly practices, as well as events (slams, provincial qualifiers)
SueEllenLead, SecondFemale21-40CompetitiveWe are looking for an experience lead, second position. We will be competing fall 2024 women Stu-Sell. We are training out of Leaside. Jan 2023- we will be going to Quebec for a bonspiel.curlingteamaide@gmail.com6475257437
Kole O'CSecond, ViceMaleU18CompetitiveWe are looking for two players with experience that are willing to travel and compete at competitive
Randy MeyskensLead, Second, Vice, SkipMale U15CompetitiveWe are looking for 1 male to join our U15 team for this season and next season. We play the U15 slams and looking to dabble into U18 next season. Team is based out of Sarnia.randymeyskens@gmail.com5193815317

Coaches seeking teams

First NameLast NameGenderHometownNumber of Years CoachingHighest Level of Coach NCCP TrainingRecreational or Competitive Team?Willing to travel to practices and Competitions?Desired Competition Age Division/LevelCoach EmailCoach PhoneGeneral Comments
Kristie BradeyFemaleGuelph1 Curling, 40 years other sports Competitive Coach CompetitiveYesU15 Girlskristiebradey@hotmail.com5192779512Willing to travel within reasonable distance. Strong athletic/coaching background. Background as a Physed teacher/guidance counsellor.
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