Community Bonspiel Submission

It’s simple to add your own bonspiel to the Curling in Ontario calendar! Just use the form below – instructions are at right. 

If you have a bonspiel flyer, you can add an image (in .png, .gif or .jpg format) of the bonspiel flyer to your event that will appear when the event is displayed. Please refrain from uploading images greater than 2 MB in size. 

By using this service, you grant the Ontario Curling Council the right to display event particulars, including contact information, and any image(s) related to your event. 

How to submit your Community Bonspiel

The form below permits managers of curling centres in Ontario to add their local bonspiels to the Curling in Ontario calendar. Events are added to the calendar in “Review Pending” status and must be approved by an administrator before the event appears on the site.

In your description provide details such as the length and number of games, the date(s) of the event, the cost per team or individual, and any other important details such as if the event is for charity. 

Mandatory fields include:

  • Event name and description
  • Event category (either “CurlON bonspiel” or “NOCA bonspiel”)
  • Event date(s). You can also specify a beginning and ending time, along with a timezone. 
  • Bonspiel type (men’s, women’s, seniors, etc.)
  • Venue: many curling centres are already documented on the site, so search for your curling centre before adding a new venue. 
  • Organizer: add contact details for the organizer of the event. The organizer may be simply the manager of the curling centre, but provide a phone number and an email address so that interested individuals can contact the organizer with questions or to sign up. 
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