Ontario Curling Council announces “Return to Training” Next Gen 2020-2021 Teams

The Ontario Curling Council is pleased to announce the teams/athletes it will support through its “Return to Training” Next Gen Program for 2020-2021.

The Next Gen Program for 2020-2021 was undersubscribed, so we are pleased to be able to announce that all eligible teams who applied will be supported in some fashion.

Meet the Teams


Tier 1 Teams 

Team Croisier – Female U18/U20 team from NOCA region

Team Salari – Female U18/U20 team from CurlON region

Team Burgess – Male U18/U20 team from NOCA region

Team Prenevost – Male U18/U20 team from CurlON region.

There were no eligible applications for either the U25 male or female positions therefore they are being filled by the U18/U20 applications which scored highest but have not already been awarded positions:

Team Toner – Female U25 team from either NOCA or CurlON region

Team Mulima – Male U25 team from either NOCA or CurlON region.

Tier 2 teams 

Team H. Jones

Team Vallenga

*note there were no female applications to fill these spots.

Tier 3:

Mixed Doubles 

Zachary Shurtleff – CurlON Region

David Visintin – NOCA Region

*Note – there were no female applications.

Wheelchair – there were no applications.

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