Upcoming OCC Webinars for Coach and Athlete Development

The Ontario Curling Council will continue its popular Coach Professional Development Webinar Series this season – and we have a number of great sessions scheduled.  Each webinar is $19.99 + tax, and will earn CERTIFIED NCCP Coaches one professional development credit towards Maintenance of Certification.

October 21, 2019Building a Brushing Strategy”

Over the past four years, I’ve been collaborating with Dr. John Newhook, currently Dean of Engineering at Dalhousie University, in several research projects related to brushing in curling. Between John and I we have measured over 600 athletes, John largely in Atlantic Canada and myself in Ontario. The vast majority of these athletes are competitive players in the U18, U21, and U25 age groups, but we have measured men’s and women’s competitive teams as well, from both Canada and from other countries. As a result, we have amassed a great quantity of normative data for various LTAD levels and are now in a good position to assess athletes quantitatively with respect to brushing performance.

In this talk, which I call “Building a Brushing Strategy”, I will explore the idea of building a brushing strategy for a team. The talk is largely targeted at U18/U21 coaches and athletes. We will look at brushing techniques, normative data, gender differences, energy pathways and fitness, and some additional ideas and tools that coaches can use to improve the brushing performance of their teams.

Glenn Paulley is a consulting coach with the Ontario Curling Council where his specialty is brushing. A coach for the past 16 seasons, in 2016 he coached the Wilfrid Laurier Golden Hawks varsity men to a national CIS championship. Currently he is the coach of Team Mackenzie Kiemele, a U21 women’s team that plays on the OJCT.  Glenn holds a B.Sc (First Class Honours) and an M.Sc, both in Computer Science, from the University of Manitoba, and holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo. 


October 23, 2019 – “Pat Simmons 5 Rock Rule Forum

This webinar features Pat Simmons and strategy and tactics for the 5 Rock Rule. Pat has had 9 Brier appearances, 2 world championship experiences and won 2 Grand Slams. Pat brings a wealth of knowledge about strategy and tactics in general and has experience with the 5 rock rule. Pat is now the Director of High Performance with Curl Saskatchewan.

The 5 rock rule has been in place now for a season and Pat will be facilitating this webinar through questions, answers and open discussion. Pat will explore with you some of the challenges faced by your team this past season and is prepared to discuss what strategy and tactics may work best for teams at different stages of development.


November 7, 2019 – “Advanced Curl Coach

Have you been using Curl Coach for a while and want to get more out of the tool? In this session, Stephen Orr, the developer of Curl Coach will share some of the updates to the app that were added since the last webinar. There are new features and Stephen will share with you some best practices related to how to get the most out of Curl Coach.

This session is intended for coaches who are using Curl Coach or are fairly new to Curl Coach and want to better understand how to use the valuable tool.


November 20, 2019 – “Emotional Intelligence and How it is Applied to Coaching Leadership

Recent management research on leadership has confirmed that a high degree of emotional
intelligence is a common trait of effective leaders who achieve extraordinary results. The five
competencies of emotional intelligence, as defined in Daniel Goleman’s model, will be
discussed as applied to coaching leadership. From management research, this has proven to
be “a group of five skills that enable the best leaders to maximize their own and their followers’

This webinar will discuss the importance and value of emotional intelligence to coaching
leadership and will explore how you would enhance your coaching environment with its
presence. It will include strategies for applying your own personal emotional intelligence to
your coaching practice. For example, how vision statements and coaching philosophies can
become an integral part of emotionally intelligent coaching leadership.

Leith Drury, PhD, is a sport psychology consultant for the CIS teams at Ryerson University and a learning facilitator with the Canadian Sport Institute in Ontario.  Leith has worked with national and international calibre athletes from a multitude of sports. 


December 5, 2019 – “Curl Coach and Statistics

Have you been using Curl Coach for a while and want to get more out of the tool? In this session, Stephen Orr, the developer of Curl Coach will share a general approach on how stats can be used (and mis-used), how to understand the wealth of data that is available and focus on those things that are most important for a team today, with some specific examples, and anecdotes to make the whole thing more approachable.

This session is intended for coaches who are using Curl Coach or are fairly new to Curl Coach and want to better.
December 5, 2019, 2019 from 7:00-8:00 pm – EST

Guest speaker – Stephen Orr


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