OCC New Board of Directors, New Strategic Plan, and Annual Report Released

New Season, New Council (Board of Directors)

With the completion of the CurlON AGM over the weekend, the Ontario Curling Council  is able to announce the Council (Board of Directors) who will guide the Ontario Curling Council for the 2019-2020 Season:

Steve Meunier, Chair

Richard Helm, Secretary/Treasurer

David Blair

Rick Meraska

Jonathan Giancroce

Heather Houston

Gerry Sundwall

We thank outgoing Councillors Grant Allman (CurlON) and  Michael Szajewski (NOCA) for their contributions to the Ontario Curling Council over the 2018-2019 Season.

Strategic Plan

Over the summer the Ontario Curling Council finalized it’s 2019-2022 OCC Strategic Plan

The Ontario Curling Council is excited to adopt this strategic plan.  We do so, knowing we have consulted with our membership, curlers, coaches, parents and other stakeholders to identify gaps that are important to them.  We have critically reflected on our own operations and the needs of our membership to focus our efforts and ensure efficiencies for the delivery of programs and services to curlers in Ontario.  We have set targets and goals to move the sport of curling forward both at the grassroots/club level and for curlers who have podium aspirations.

The Ontario Curling Council is confident that this Strategic Plan, will provide clear direction to our Operational team, and guide our decision making as a Council.

The Ontario Curling Council’s Strategic Plan will be executed in partnership with our Members – CurlON and NOCA.  With shared Mission, Vision and Values – developing curlers of all ages and abilities, enhancing programs and services to help strengthen the business of our Member Club/Curling Centres and providing a meaningful Competition Structure – we will remain true to our common Mission to promote, develop and grow curling as a recreational and competitive sport in Ontario.

We will continue to follow five clear strategic priorities; Participation, Development, Excellence, Operations and Member Engagement.  The same strategic priorities can be found in the Strategic Plans of our members, CurlON and NOCA – demonstrating clear alignment in the curling delivery partners in Ontario.

This plan will be re-visited often and may be adjusted if the needs of our stakeholders, members or the organization require us to.  We remain committed to our vision of being a leader in developing programs, services and athletes in the sport of curling – that vision will help us ensure strength in our membership and the sport of curling in Ontario.

Annual Report

On June 26, 2019 the OCC held it’s Annual General Meeting.  Draft minutes from that meeting, Approved Financial Statements, etc. can all be found here,

Read our 2018-2019 Operations Report.


Our Ontario Curling Council Policy Manual has been updated as of June 26, 2019.  The Council is in the process of a complete policy review for the 2019-2020 season, focusing specifically on Safe Sport Policies.

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