World Academy of Sport Curling Voucher Raffle


Ontario has obtained six voucher codes for CurlON and NOCA combined. Three males and three females will be chosen (through a randomized selection – ie. “Raffle”) to receive a voucher. Applicants may only apply from their home member association. Voucher can only be used once, students must log in by December 31, 2022. The WAoS online course aims to provide an understanding as well as the tools needed for young people to become successful and knowledgeable athletes. The course has been designed and written by content writers who work regularly with athletes and has been overseen by an expert reference group representing a number of international federations. Students completing the course will receive the WAoS Athlete Certificate. Five online modules cover topics such as support team and relationships, values and integrity in sport, health and wellbeing (including mental health), social media and the media, and your overall journey as an athlete. The course is targeted at U18 – U20 student athletes who want to gain a broader understanding as well as the tools needed to become successful and knowledgeable athletes. This online 4.5 hour course takes student athletes along the athlete journey on an easy-to-use platform. Students can complete the course at their own pace, keeping track of their progress along the way. Videos, animations and learning activities appear throughout to enhance the learning experience. Once it has been completed, the Athlete Certificate can be immediately downloaded.

One entry per athlete will be accepted. Duplicates will not be considered. Athletes MUST identify which Member Association they represent (CurlON or NOCA) when applying.


Entries will be accepted up until 12 noon Friday September 2, 2022. Raffle winners will be contacted by email and sent their vouchers.


Curlers will need an Athlete Profile in order to enter the raffle.


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