OCC Academy Team Announcement

On the weekend of April 30 / May 1, the Ontario Curling Council held our development / try out camp for our Academy Team pilot project at the Dundas Valley Golf and Curling Club.  It was a busy weekend for the athletes as the camp had a developmental aspect to it as well as serving as the try out for the Academy teams.

The primary goal of this pilot program is to evaluate how coach led team formation can impact player development in the Train to Train / Train to Compete stage of development.  The focus will be on DEVELOPMENT of athletes.  Another goal of the program is to determine if regional based, coach led and selected teams can be effective for attracting and expanding the number of athletes who play competitively.

Our Academy Team Coaches for the 2022/23 season are:

Glenn Paulley

Lori Eddy

Codey Maus

Delores McCallum

Congratulations go out to the athletes selected for the teams.


Amanda Smith

Hailey Brittain

Paige Ferguson

Riley Puhl

Zoe Fan-Chiang



Adam Moor

Colsen Flemington

Duncan McDonald

Isaac Racz

Jordan Carvalho

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