Next Gen Program Teams Announced for 2018-2019 Season

After careful consideration of Next Gen Program applications received the Ontario Curling Council’s High Performance Team have determined the following teams will be in the 2018-2019 Provincial Next Gen Program.  Please note, there were a lack of applicants for Tier 1 programs, so the High Performance Team opted to offer the positions to a Men’s team and a Women’s team.  

Tier 1:  Next Gen “OnTrack” – Supported by the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) operated by the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario:

  1. Team B. Croisier – Sudbury – U18 Women’s Team
  2. Team C. Silver – Thunder Bay – U21 Men’s Team
  3. Team S. Froud – Kitchener – Women’s Team
  4. Team S. McDonald – Kingston – Men’s Team

Tier 2:  Next Gen “OnTrack” and Competitive for Life – Fully Supported Teams:

  1. Team J. Leung – U18 Men’s Team – OWG Winner, CurlON
  2. Team R. Steele – U18 Women’s Team – OWG Winner, CurlON
  3. Team E. Deschenes – U18 Women’s Team, CurlON
  4. Team C. Massey – U18 Men’s Team, CurlON
  5. Team K. Brunton – U21 Women’s Team, NOCA
  6. Team J. Tippin – Women’s Team, CurlON
  7. Team I. Dickie – Men’s Team, Curl ON

Tier 2:  Next Gen “OnTrack” and Competitive for Life – Partially Supported Teams:

  1. Team D. Inglis – Women’s Team – CurlON
  2. Team H. Beaudry – Women’s Team – NOCA
  3. Team R. Hahn – U21 Men’s Team – CurlON
  4. Team M. Kiemele – U21 Women’s Team – CurlON
  5. Team J. Goves – U18 Men’s Team – CurlON

The Ontario Curling Council is excited to work with these engaged athletes and their coaches to help them achieve their goals and continue to support the National and International performance of Ontario and Northern Ontario Athletes.

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