Ontario Curling Council Seeks Committee Members for High Performance Team

The Ontario Curling Council (OCC) is seeking a minimum of two (2) individuals to work with the OCC as a member of the High Performance Team/Committee.

Interested individuals should express written interest by emailing Jennifer Ferris, Manager of Programs and Operations (jennifer@ontcurl.com).  Written Interest should be accompanied by a resume and/or list of curling or related qualifications.

Timelines:  Written interest should be submitted by January 7, 2017 at 11:59 pm EST.

Terms of Reference

Committee Name:  High Performance Team

Purpose:  The purpose of the High Performance Team shall be to:

  • Advise the Manager of Programs and Operations in the formation of High Performance Program/Plan
  • Assist the Manager of Programs and Operations with implementation of the High Performance Plan
  • Ensure equal access to programming for all


Annually, the Council shall appoint the HP Team.

The team will consist of:

  • Manager, Programs and Operations (ex-officio) – Chair
  • OCC Councillor, appointed by Council to oversee HP Team (ex-officio)
  • OCC High Performance Coach (if applicable) (ex-officio)
  • Any other OCC staff who many have HP responsibilities (ex-officio)
  • And 5 other voting members who will be selected by the Ontario Curling Council through an application process.


The Ontario Curling Council will seek team members with specific attributes, experience and skill sets.  These may include but are not limited to:

  • Experience as a High Performance Coach (Minimum Competition Development Certified).
  • Experience as a High Performance Athlete
  • Para Experience (Athlete or Coach)
  • Experience working in a Daily Training Environment/High Performance Centre
  • Experience developing coaches
  • Experience as an Integrated Support Team Professional
  • Experience working with Curling Canada’s National Team Program, the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario (CSIO), CIS/CCAA or the Coaching Association of Canada/Coaches Canada, are an asset

Team members must be:

  • Athlete focused
  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Budget Conscious
  • Accountable

Please note – regional representation will be a consideration in the OCC’s selection process to reflect the OCC’s operational mandate.

Term:  Persons selected to the HP Team shall serve terms of two years, and may serve a maximum of two terms as required by the Council.  The terms of this committee follow the fiscal year/curling season, with new committee being appointed at the board meeting in May.  Staggered terms to maintain continuity and influx of new team members shall be considered by the Council when selecting the HP Team.

The Council reserves the right to appoint different people to the committee as required, keeping in mind the historical knowledge of committee members for program continuity.

 Authority:  The HP Team will make a recommendation to the Manager of Programs and Operations regarding High Performance Programming.


The High Performance Team will be responsible for implementing the OCC’s High Performance Management Plan by creating an accessible (geographically/physically/financially), sustainable, relevant and practical program.  Tasks will include:

  • Creating and implementing Talent Identification Protocols for athlete selection/entry into the program
  • Developing program curriculum to ensure continuum of messaging throughout Curling Canada’s Podium Pathway
  • Assisting with recruitment and training of regional HP coaches
  • Advising OCC on HP Program Policies
  • Assisting with “running” training camps
  • Developing a fee-for service structure
  • Working directly with athletes and coaches

Meeting Arrangements: 

  1. The HP Committee shall meet by conference call.
  2. All meetings will be chaired by the Manager of Programs and Operations. The agenda shall be set by the Manager of Programs and Operations.
  3. The Manager of Programs and Operations will accept the recommendation of the committee and operationalize wherever possible, informing the Council of actions.
  4. If required, subgroup meetings will be arranged at a time convenient to subgroup members.

Resources and Budget:

 The Manager of Programs and Operations will act as resources to the HP Team Committee.

Annually the budget for this committee will be established and board approved.  The Manager of Programs and Operations has discretion to provide HP Team Honorariums proportion to the work done by the team member that year.


  • Decisions made by majority by the HP Team.
  • HP Team reports directly to the Manager of Programs and Operations
  • The Councillor appointed to the HP team will provide an update to the Council on the activities of the HP Team. If required, the Councillor may designate this duty to the Manager of Programs and Operations.

Amendment, Modification or Variation

This Terms of Reference may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by the Ontario Curling Council.

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