Free Agents Listing Service Now Available

The Ontario Curling Council is launching a free service to connect coaches, teams and individuals to each other in the hopes of creating more opportunities for teams to form.

We’ve listened to parents, coaches and individuals who were seeking a means of finding other interested individuals to curl with.  The OCC now has a means of collecting that information and posting it so that people may contact each other.

The OCC is simply sharing information, we will not be involved with the team’s formation in any other way.  Interested players, coaches or teams simply complete an online form, submit it and within a week or so the OCC will post their name to their free agents list.  The posts will remain there until the poster tells us to remove it, if not, we’ll clear the list at the end of the next full curling season.

All ages, and disciplines are welcome to use the service but only the contact information of an adult can be posted.

Get started today – check out the Free Agents Page!



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