Trillium Curling Camp

Trillium Curling Camp

The Trillium Curling Camp is a premier curling experience for curlers aged 13 to 18.  Two sessions running from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon happen annual in August. Since 2014, the camp has been held at the KW Granite Curling Club in Waterloo, Ontario. While at the camp, campers reside at the Waterloo College Hall residence at Wilfrid Laurier University.  

Campers can expect a first-class curling experience at the camp, led by knowledgeable and certified instructors, as well as few curling celebrities! Some of the stars seen at the camp in the past include Kaitlyn Lawes, John Epping, Reid Carruthers, David Murdoch, and Laura Walker. Who knows who’ll show up next!

The camp is more than just curling training. Our mission is to provide a memorable, fun and positive experience while at the same time making a significant impact on their curling development. We place a high priority on the experience as whole and make considerable efforts to include activities that encourage kids to make new friends and generally enjoy their time with us.

What are campers going to learn? The camp will build on what the athletes bring with them so kids need to have 1-2 years of experience before coming to camp. Unfortunately, Trillium isn’t for athletes who are new to the game. Our coaches will work on everything from delivery mechanics to brushing technique on the ice. Off the ice they’ll work on a variety of topics such as team dynamics, fitness, communication, strategy and so much more!

If you want to keep up to date with the camp, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook ( , Twitter (@TrilliumCamp), Instagram (@trilliumcurlingcamp), and join our mailing list. If you have a specific question, please email us at

Trillium Merchandise

The Trillium Curling Camp is happy to announce that we have camp merchandise for sale this summer!  All orders MUST be received by July 14, 2023 at 5:00pm due to lead times in ordering product.  Late orders cannot be fulfilled.  All orders will be delivered AT CAMP.

This year we’re offering the following:


Trillium Camp Hoodies

Trilllium Waterbottles

Trillium Waistpack

Camp Combo Pack (Hoodie / Waterbottle / Waistpack) Save $10!

Trillium Camp Registration

The 2023 Camp is now FULL.  You may still register to be put on a waiting list however there is no guarantee that those on the waiting list will be able to register for camp.  For more information about the camp, please click below:

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